Handmade Baby Food
Designed for Parents by Parents

Our Baby Cubes are all handmade and will make feeding your baby a dream. Better yet, NO cooking and cleaning!

Locally Sourced Produce

Just Like Homemade

No Added Preservatives, Thickeners,
Sugar, Colours or Additives

Grass-fed Meats
and Free-range Chicken

Easy Pop-out Freezer Packs

Home Delivery

Save on Wastage & Money

Get More Time with the Family

Cooking techniques to retain
maximum nutrients

Macro-nutrient rich
Bone Broth

Immune Boosting Turmeric

Snap Frozen


Home Delivered.
All-Natural Baby Food and Kids Sauces.
You deserve a break!


Top 10 SUPER FOODS your baby needs.

Order cut off each week is Thursday midnight
for delivery Monday or Tuesday

What other parent’s have to say…

  • Anna

    Samford Valley

    Really great option for Mum’s and Dad’s who either don’t like to cook, don’t have time to cook, or, are not very good cooks!!
    Food is great quality, very natural and homemade and my baby loves it. Yes, you pay a little more to have someone else do all the hard work but the portion sizes are flexible and reduces waste. Plus I like knowing that my bubba is still getting home-made food even if I haven’t made it myself

  • Kelly

    Wavell Heights

    Excellent service and excellent food to match! We all want the best for our babies and Bib and Spoon allows me to provide homemade goodness with absolutely no nasties! Thank you!

  • Maria


    Starting my baby on solids is one of those situations where I have really needed some guidance as I didn’t know exactly what to do. I want to give my baby what is best for him and stay away from preservatives and pesticides that can be harmful to his little body, so Bib&Spoon is a fantastic solution.
    One less thing to worry about! I definitely recommend it!

  • Sarah


    Fresh baby food that actually tastes the way a purée should taste! I love that is made from only fresh organic & chemical free produce and no nasties added! My children just love your products!

  • Katie


    My 18 month old couldn’t shovel the healthy and nutritious meals down fast enough. Such a convenient time saver when life is already busy enough.

  • Rachel

    Rochedale South

    Love love love your products! Thanks for amazing customer service and delicious organic baby food

  • Carling


    only wanted to give my bub the best, but with limited time to make my own food at home (and cautious of what goes into supermarket brands to enable them to sit on shelves for months) then Bib&Spoon was a perfect solution. I have started my little one on their purees and it’s great to try their variations and get to know what his favourites are! Definitely recommending Bib&Spoon to my friends to try out!

  • Gemma


    Recently I tried some of the Bib&Spoon meals with my little one. She gobbled them up before I knew it & kept reaching for the empty container looking for more! The flavours were super yummy & it was wonderful to know that no fillers had been used to bulk them out. Will be going back for more!

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Bib&Spoon creates all natural baby food with no added nasties.

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